Inspiring Change in Peds Chronic Illness & Disability Treatment

Cheyenne Heflin standing on stage accepting her scholarship award.

About Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a pediatric cancer survivor, a mental health advocate, and a current Mental Health Counseling Masters student.

She uses her experiences and unique sense of humor to advocate for an integrated behavioral healthcare model when dealing with children who are diagnosed with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities. Her belief is that children need to be taught the ways to cope with these levels of stress during their transition into life with a chronic illnesses or disability, instead of waiting for problems to arise later.

She has been featured at…​

Cheyenne’s Featured Keynote​

Cheyenne was humbled to represent the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, FL for their “Tennis on the Green” fundraiser in June of 2021. The fundraiser was in support of their Knead for Knowledge Scholarship program, which supports pediatric cancer patients and survivors who were treated within the Tampa Bay Area by providing scholarships to accredited colleges.

Writing by Cheyenne

Below are some of the articles she has written, detailing her story and her goals of improving mental health care access for children with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Giving What I Couldn’t Get

When I Finally Felt Free